Swimming Crossing of Toroneo


The most famous difficult and impressive swimming marathon in Greece.

It is organized in July by the Municipality of Nikiti and the National Committee SITHON. Its one of the best matches internationally and has a huge participation of foreign athletes. An amazing experience and a 26 kilometer life dream for anyone who swims it and anyone who wants to. An organization that started in July 1971 by a company of people at Nikiti motivated by their love for the sea, began and made reality something that was a madness for all, to go from Nikiti to Cassandra, Swimming the Toroneos Gulf.

In 1974, due to political developments in Greece it didn’t happen. Thus the 5th swimming crossing took place in 1975 and exceeded all expectations. Since then, every year in July, Sithon organizes the crossing from Kallithea to Nikiti, which has become a popular festival since it is also combined with various other cultural and sailing events. The culmination of the success of this event is its internationalization with the participation of foreign swimmers and the recognition of the crossing as one of the best in the world.

The end of the race follows a closing ceremony at Nikiti beach and awards for all athletes with an olive wreath.