Starting from Chalkidiki, you will be able to explore various popular destinations in Northern Greece. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece where due to its long history is a combination of three cultures (Greek, Roman, Byzantine). You will have the chance to see many remarkable monuments, historic buildings, squares and churches. The old and modern architecture coexist in a vibrant city with a vibrant cultural life ready to enchant you.

You will be able to visit Mount Olympus, known from mythology as the mountain of Gods, with its natural wealth and its beautiful slopes, Litochoro and the picturesque village of Paleo Panteleimonas with the traditional Macedonian architectural buildings, the stone paths and the unobstructed views of Thermaikos, the southern coasts of Pieria and the Venetian castle of Platamonas.

In the prefecture of Pella lies Pozar Loutra. From their springs, located in the mountains, medicinal waters famous for their beneficial properties have been spouting for centuries. The healing properties of water are suitable for circulatory  and respiratory diseases, etc. In the area, there are organised hotels, restaurants, changing rooms and bars. It is also worth visiting the Loutra Gorge for those who love mountaineering.

Vergina is one of the most important archaeological findings in Greece. It is worth visiting the Royal tombs in the ancient necropolis of Aegos and their evocative museum built beneath the earth and covered externally with dirt.

Edessa and Naoussa are also cities you must visit near the prefecture of Halkidiki. The main attraction of Edessa is the waterfalls located in the city center. The trees surrounding the waterfalls, the picturesque bridges and the magnificent view of nature create a unique experience. In Naoussa you must visit 3-5 Pigadia, one of the most modern ski resorts in Greece, with facilities for tourist-athletic skiing.

Finally, Thassos, the northernmost island of the Aegean, is an ideal holiday destination. You can find crystal clear beaches with fine sand and verdant areas with pines and olives touching the sea. On the island there are picturesque, traditional mountain villages and various seaside settlements. It is distinguished by its rich subsoil and the archaeological treasures worthwhile  visiting.