In recent years, as in the whole world, so as in our country, a different approach to tourism has begun to flourish. Medical tourism is a new, ever-growing, economic activity in the world. It refers to the movement of people who face health problems, outside of and within the borders; in order to receive proper medical care that aims to prevent, diagnose and maintain their health. It requires the composition, cooperation and joint effort of the tourism entrepreneur and the physician. It also includes transportation services, informing, touring, catering and accommodation of health tourists in selected hotels.

Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations with unique features such as history, culture, ideal natural environment, hundreds of islands of exceptional beauty, unique biodiversity, mild climate, Mediterranean diet, modern infrastructure and opportunities to attract a multitude of new forms of tourism. Today, a large number of health tourists are looking for fertility and IVF fertility treatments, kidney dialysis, rehabilitation of kinetic and orthopaedic diseases, ophthalmic therapies, dental therapies, aesthetic and rehabilitative surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery, etc. Among the most popular destinations are Athens, Crete, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and Achaia.

Halkidiki is definitely among the first choices of medical tourism in Greece. Its mild climate and sunshine are suitable for tourists seeking to combine the medical services they need with the option of rest and relaxation. The facilities you will find in Halkidiki meet all the requirements and the staff are skilled and experienced. Among the choices of the visitor are fully equipped health structures, rehabilitation centers similar to those abroad and also thermal spas that help in the treatment of diseases related to the bones, the muscles and skin diseases.