Apart from the endless possibilities for summer holidays and for mountain excursions, Halkidiki with its rich history and folk tradition can satisfy the spiritual interests of its visitors. For those who have an interest for archaeological quests, the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros, whose exhibits come from all over Halkidiki and from a wide chronological period ranging from the Bronze Age to the Roman period, is probably the most important archaeological sightseeing of the prefecture.

One of the important temples that have been found in Chalkidiki is that of Amon Zeus, which was discovered in 1969 after excavations. The archaeological site with the cave “Dionysos and Nymphon” east of the settlement Kallithea, is part of the wider archeological site of the sanctuary and is an important archaeological area that one can visit.

The location of the Mende archaeological site on the peninsula of Kassandra covers an area of ​​1200 by 600 meters, on a hill above the sea. In Toroneos, the renovated Archaeological site of Olynthos with the accompanying Archaeological Museum and some fortification elements of Ancient Toroni in Sithonia at the sites of Vigla and the Castle of Lecithos are some of the most remarkable places of historical interest.

In Halkidiki you will find many towers and castles such as the Byzantine Tower (1405) in Zografou, the Tower of St Paul (1407) and the Stavronikita Tower (1543) in N. Fokea, the Tower at Mariana at Olynthos (1375), the Pyrgos (13th century), Fragokastro of Ouranoupolis (13th century), Tower of Galatista (14th century), Towers of Stagira (16th century) etc .

You will find the Early Christian sovereigns of St. Athanasios in Toroni, the Zeupkos of  Olympiada and the 5th century Nikiti, the 5th century sovereign of Sofroni, with the marvelous mosaic floor and unique marble. Remains of monastic shares such as the Church and auxiliary buildings in Zografou, Metochi Agios Panteleimonos in Flogita, Metochi Tripotamou in N. Marmaras, and Metochia Koutloumousiou and Zografou in Agios Nikolaos etc.

Finally, the most important historical site of Chalkidiki, ancient Stagira, the home of Aristotle, the greatest philosopher of antiquity, is located about 500m southeast of the current village of Olympiada, on a mountainous peninsula, called “Liotopi”. Today, after systematic excavations, configurations and restorations, ancient Stagira is an attractive archaeological site, within a landscape of special natural beauty, next to the local community of Olympiada, the Municipality of Aristotle.
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