Sani Festival


Sani Festival is one of the most famous events taking place in Halkidiki and involving artists from all over the world. The Sani Festival is one of the most popular artistic festivals in Greece and is held every year since 1992.

It takes place on the hill, around the Tower of Sani, and is a festival of cultural content with international impact and continuous renewal. Its events take place in July and August. Its purpose is to achieve an interactive communication between artists and the public, combining at the same time many different cultures under the same roof.

The aim was for the Festival to have a specific cultural mark, an artistic identity within a thematically structured program. The original Jazz on the Hill soon acquired the “sister” sections of Sani Classic, Sounds of the World, Greek Variations, cinematic music, theatrical, visual projects etc, which led to a development while being recognized by an even wider audience.