Church of Saint George Ormylia


The temple of the patron saint of Agios Georgios is located in the center of Ormylia and is a classic three-aisled basilica of the Ottoman domination, with an iconostasis of popular Macedonian style, which has not yet been restored. It is built in the 19th century, more precisely in the year 1818. It was built on the site of a former Byzantine church dedicated to Saint Charalambos and was destroyed by a fire. But the newly-built temple was also destroyed, by fire, three years later, during the Halkidiki Revolution in the Ottoman domination. Again, however, the piousness of the inhabitants restored him to his former form. The Holy Temple was dedicated to the Great Martyr George, because from the previous catastrophe, only the image of today’s imaginary image has survived in a miraculous way. The above picture is a work of the 14th century