Temple of Saint Panteleimonas Kallithea


The sanctuary of Amon Zeus was revealed next to the AMON ZEUS Hotel. It belonged to the old colony of the Eretrians, Afiti, and continued to function until the 2nd century AD. century, when it was destroyed and a new, smaller temple was established in its place, with buildings around it. The complex of the sanctuary was violently destroyed, probably in the years of Great Theodosius.

At that time there should be built the sanctuary and the Early Christian basilica, from which only architectural members, built in the buildings of the former monastery of Agios Panteleimonos, which occupied the area during the post-Byzantine period, were found. In the place of the basilica, probably in the middle of the Byzantine period, a one-storied temple, later replaced by the temple of the house.

In 1869, the writer Nikolaos B. Chrysanthides visited the metocholite Chrysanthos Metochi Watermill (Russian) in today’s Kallithea and reported in a book published in 1870 in Constantinople that the monks found in 1863 after the excavation the foundations of the Amphitheater and its altar sanctuary. The large square marbles that exported used to build a temple dedicated to Saint Panteleimon (1865) and to rebuild the Monastery of St Panteleimon (Russian Monastery) on Mount Athos. All the temple, the Sacred Step and the Templo are frescoed with exceptional hagiographies of Russian hagiographers, as the name of the Saints depicted is in Russian.