Folklore Museum Polygyros


The Polygyros Folklore Museum started its operation in 1998. It is hosted in the renovated two-storey residence of former Mayor of Polygyros, Athanasios Karaganis, who donated it for this purpose. The exhibits are donations of the inhabitants and citizens of Polygyros. On the ground floor, guests can get to know the agricultural tools they used for plowing, sowing, harvesting, threshing and grinding, as well as traditional costumes.

On the first floor the visitor has the opportunity to see the interior of a 19th century town house with reception rooms (lounge with sofas and low round tables, dining room, etc.), bedrooms (with metal beds, wardrobes and bedding), living room, kitchen all cooking appliances, cauldrons, pan, fireplace). In a separate room is the traditional loom. Authentic uniforms from the broader area of ​​Polygyros are exhibited at various corners of the house, while Karagani’s mayor’s office was recently formed.

The museum operates with the care and love of the members of the Voluntary Women’s Group Polygyros.

House Karaganis, Polygyros, 63100

Tel .: +30 23710 22619 (Municipality)