Agios Arsenios Vatopedi


It is about 95 km from Thessaloniki. It is located in Vatopedi, Chalkidiki, between the Ormylia monasteries and Ioannis Prodromos. Ecclesiastic belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Kassandria. The Monastery was founded in 1986 and its inauguration was made by the Metropolitan of Kassandria. It was set up with the instigation and wish of the Beatitude Elder Paisios.

Saint Arsenios Kappadokis was the sponsor of Elder Paisios. It has emerged as one of the holy forms of Orthodoxy of the last centuries. Osios Arsenios slept in 1924 in Corfu after the People’s Exchange.

The Catholic is a Byzantine temple temple with a dome. He celebrates on 10 November in memory of Saint Arsenios of Cappadocian and on October 1 of AgiaSkepi, according to the Byzantine tradition. Today he has 18 monks, with Abbot TheodulosBolka. Also known throughout Greece are the speeches by the monk of the monastery of ArseniosBeligoftis.