Polygyros RUN 2017


The Office of Physical Education of the prefecture of Halkidiki, the Club of Reserved officers of the  Armed Forces of the prefecture of Halkidiki, the Youth Club of Polygyros, the Sports Club of Polygyros and the E.P.A.L Polygyrou in cooperation with local bodies of Polygyros, organized for the first time the Polygyros Halkidiki RUN 2017 Race with the aim of promoting and spreading the sporting spirit and highlighting the natural beauty of the area.
Includes 2 Races: Mountain Range – City RUN 15 km and Leisure Health Route 5,2 km. Either running or dynamic walking.

The 15 km race has a total positive altitude of 444 m and includes 9.6 km of a smooth, gentle forest road in Mount Tsoukalas of Polygyros, without technical difficulties and 5.4 km of asphalt inside and outside the city, and it is aimed at middle-distance and senior runners. The route is beautiful, combines the city and the mountain and overlooks the whole of Chalkidiki, Kassandra, Sithonia, Mount Athos, Holomontas and Olympus.

The 5.2 km of Leisure Health Route is aimed at beginners, or experienced 5 km runners, students, hikers, club members (not necessarily sports related) and generally anyone wishing to participate in a running event or walking dynamically. It includes 4 km of asphalt in the city and 1 km of dirt road on nature trail.