Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea


The Historical and Folklore Museum is located on a stone-built, narrow alley near the central square of Arnea and is part of the historical center of the settlement. It is housed in the mansion of Iatrou, or Biatradikos, one of the most beautiful buildings of the settlement and the oldest of Halkidiki. It is probably dated in the second half of the 18th century or early 19th century. The building belonged to Konstantinos Katsaggelos and housed the folklore collection, which was placed by the Cultural and Educational Association of Arnea. It has been a museum since the summer of 1999 and today it is owned by the Municipality of Aristotle.


The need to establish and operate a Historical and Folklore Museum in Arnea in order to save and to disseminate its cultural wealth met with the warm and immediate reception of the local community. This reaction manifested itself rapidly by offering objects of folklore tradition from already existing collections, but also in isolation.

The inhabitants of the area, who are the only donors of the exhibits, deposited in the museum valuable and rare objects, family heirlooms, objects of everyday life material, such as livestock, agricultural and beekeeping tools, and many other objects of the historical and folk tradition place.

From a purely exhibition stand, the Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea is not complicated. Instead, there is a concise and comprehensive picture of the course of the web


Thematic units include objects of everyday people.

On the ground floor there is an exhibition of agricultural tools (sowing, harvesting, threshing), equipment and utensils for the production of bread (millstones, kneading troughs, bread seals, etc.), apiculture (beehives, honey, etc.), woodworking and building equipment (molds for tiles, piles, hammers, etc.).

On the mezzanine there are woodworking tools, shoeing tools, coffee makers (a roasting machine, coffee milling machine, glasses, old serving dishes, old traditional coffee shops, etc.) and the first radio that came in 1941 in the village.

On the floor there are sections with textile equipment (looms, sunbathing, spindles, windscreen, spinning machines, etc.), tools and articles of everyday household use (kitchen utensils, containers for transport and storage of liquids, cauldrons, braziers, .a.), as well as an extremely interesting 200-year-old fire-fighting pump based on the fire pump invented by Kteshibio (285-220 BC).

At the same time, great emphasis has also been placed on the photographic material from the village life in the past, which adorns every corner of the museum.

In the tallest room of the mansion there is also an old-fashioned room with all the furniture and the objects that existed in such rooms in the traditional houses of Arnea. Finally there is the possibility of showing films about the history of the place and the venue of educational programs.

by archaeologist Athena Marathian

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