Archaeological Museum of Olynthos

LocationNea Olynthos

The Museum has been operating since July 1998 in the archaeological site of ancient Olynthos. Excavations are not exhibited in its premises, but audiovisual material, with the help of which the visitor acquires a broader picture of the history and the operation of ancient Olynthos first, and secondly of the course of the excavations and the restoration of the area. Photographic material and short texts describe the urban design of the city as well as the shape of a typical private home, local organization (food preparation, food storage, knitting) and the economic life of the city (stonework, waxing, agricultural activities, entertainment , symposia). Information is also provided on the course of the excavation work, from Robinson’s time in 1928 to the last works carried out in 1990 and 1992.

Communication: Olynthos, Halkidiki, archaeological site.

Tel.: +30 23730 91000