Tower of Krouna


One of the major sights in the area of ​​Ierissos is the tower of Krouna, which is located about 1 kilometer northwest of the town. It was a metohi, which was surrounded by a wall, which today has almost collapsed.

In post-Byzantine times, and in particular from 1481, when we first see it in Turkish documents as Koruno’s shareholder, until 1542 the mortal is in the possession of the Monastery of Chelandari. After 1542 and until 1572 the monastery lost its rights to the metohist. Reasons of a rather economic nature forced the monastery to sell it. In 1573 the Xelandari Monastery bought again the metohi which included the tower, a house, stables and a barn. For many years it was left in the hands of the monks. We note, however, that it does not refer to the monastery’s assets in the records of 1598 and 1607.

In 1719, the Hellenic monks re-buy the group and the surrounding area and hold a sheep, a meadow and a vineyard, and a water mill. A year later, in 1720 some damage was caused to the tower and the other buildings of the complex, and the monks seek permission to repair them. In 1765 it is reported as a corrupted coronet Korona of the monastery of Helandari. In the following years some repairs were made to the shareholding complex and in 1821 the tower of the stock was shot and it seems that it was not reused.

The tower today has a height of 12 meters. It’s supposed to have another floor that collapsed. In many sources it is mentioned with its full name, Tower of Krouna of the monastery of Chelandari. The monument is under the jurisdiction of the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. You can see it only externally (marked on the main road outside Ierissos).