The Parthenon is characterized as a traditional settlement of the Municipality of Sithonia and it is at an altitude of 320 m. During the Byzantine years, the wider area was a metochi of the monastery of Kostamonitou. The village was founded in the late 17th century. The inhabitants of the Parthenon participated in the revolution of 1821, highlighting important fighters, such as Basilis Ioannou and Ioannis Argyris.

About 500 inhabitants lived in the Parthenon, who abandoned the village in the 70’s to settle in Neos Marmaras, with the result that it completely deserted. A few years later, following the initiative of the “Parthenon” association and the efforts of residents and visitors, the restoration efforts began and until now all the houses of the village have been restored according to the traditional Macedonian architecture. This architecture coupled with the magnificent view of the Toroneos Gulf have made the Parthenon one of the most popular destinations for all seasons since the village has all the hospitality infrastructure that includes hostels, cafes and taverns.