Tower of Stavronikita

LocationsChalkidiki, Sani

The Tower of Stavronikita is located on a small peninsula where the ancient Sani citadel is located. Protected the metochi of the monastery of Stavronikita, founded in 1543.

The tower is older than the metochi and is dated with certainty in the second half of the 14th century or at the very beginning of the 15th century, when many towers were built in the suburbs of Chalkidiki. At that time there were over 100 similar towers in Chalkidiki, the role of most of which was the protection of Mount Athos’s property from robbers and pirates.

The tower survives in a relatively good condition without serious static problems. Its height is about 10 meters on the west side and 12 meters on the east. Its plan is rectangular in dimensions 7,45×6,20 meters. It belongs to the category of smooth external towers with simple exterior structure. It is well built with a strong careful masonry in which sporadic and naughty pieces of bricks and ceramics are inserted.

In its original form, the tower had at least three floors and at the top there was a roof with ramparts and loopholes. It is not excluded that there was a chapel on the roof. Today only two floors and an underground space are preserved, and underneath it there is still an underground area that probably was a reservoir of water but it is now piled

In the interior, floors with wooden floors have been formed, which, with some wear, have been preserved to this day. The entrance is on the west side and was initially elevated 5-6 meters so that it can only be reached by a ladder (mobile or windscreen). The ancient tower capitals and architectural members have been re-used for the construction of the tower, as well as marble crosses from the Early Christian period. There are some remnants of the fortification enclosure in the surrounding area of ​​the tower.