The Tower of Zografou


The tower of Zografou, in the homonymous settlement near Nea Moudania, was a monument to the monastery of Zografos of Mount Athos. It is not known when it was built (perhaps after 1325), but 1465 was already destroyed and possibly not renovated until the end of the 16th century (before 1568), so it reappears in the springs.

In 1597 the metohi was destroyed and only in 1869 it was mentioned in the sources as a house called “tower”. In 1922 it was granted the installation of refugees from Cappadocia, while in 1996, within the protection of the monument, the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities rehabilitated the roof .

It is a rectangular plan (10,00×9,30 m), with three floors and a preserved height of about 12 m. It is possible that there was another floor that is not rescued. The thickness of the walls reaches 1.80m. At the bottom there are no openings as opposed to the higher floors. The central entrance is higher than the ground for safety reasons. Above the entrance there is an arched rectangle where it was most probably the position of the image of the patron saint (in this case Saint George).

At a certain time, the tower was covered with a plaster, the largest part of which has fallen and the building’s stonework is now clearly visible. Other buildings such as: the economy, the warehouse, the church, the fountain ( of 1853), the landlord, etc. A part of the outer wall (“barbaka”) was also preserved, which protected the metochi