Nea Iraklia

LocationNea Iraklia

Nea Iraklia is a refugee village and settlement of the Municipal District of Saint Pavlos. In today’s Iraklia, the Greeks of Iraklia of Marmaras, a town of Propontida, settled after the Treaty of Lausanne. It is located at a distance of approximately 5 kilometers in the northwest of Nea Kallikratia. It has 698 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in tourism, agriculture (viticulture) and fishing.

During the summer months it hosts thousands of visitors who enjoy quiet vacations, clean and many kilometers of untapped beach. With mild slopes, the ground is smoothly descending to the coast with its crystal clear waters, the beautiful and quiet beaches and the picturesque fish taverns, almost “on the waves” where, under thick pine trees, the visitor can taste shrimp shrimp and many other seafood and not just delicacies.

In the settlement was found a silver urn dating back to the 4th-5th century AD. with sculpted representations from the Old and the New Testament on all four sides.