Byzantine Tower of Nea Fokea

LocationNea Fokaia

Byzantine tower belonging to St. Paul’s Monastery in Nea Fokea, Chalkidiki.  It is the only tower of Chalkidiki that is preserved up to the battlements. Next to the tower is the church of the Holy Apostles.

In 1407 Ioannis Palaiologos granted the area of ​​the present village to the monastery of Agios Pavlos of Mount Athos. Τhe Byzantine tower, which is still preserved, was then built. The Byzantine tower guarded the great subordinate of the monastery. The tower has a base of 50 square meters, a height of 17 meters and is built with materials of ancient buildings. From the old metohi, there is a small church built in 1868, as well as some ruins of other buildings. On the tower in 1821 Emmanouil Papas, the head of the revolution in Chalkidiki, had its headquarters.

At the end of a 20m long carved corridor below the tower is the underground sanctuary of Ap. Paul, which is connected with traditions from the passage of the Apostle to Kassandra. In the tower area cultural events are held throughout the summer, which are part of the Cassandra Festival.

To reach the point, turn to the old picturesque harbor, cross the coastal dirt road that leads you to a tavern at the top of the hill and continue uphill. On the right of the hill between the pine trees stands the imposing Tower and next to it the chapel of the 12 Apostles. Walking along to reach the edge of the hill, you discovers ruins of buildings along and around Pyrgos, the church and the old school. The refugees when they settled in the area used the stones from the ruins to make their homes.