Hanioti (or Hanioti) belongs to the Municipality of Kassandra. Hanioti is located on the first leg of Halkidiki and is 101 km away from Thessaloniki and attracts thousands of tourists. In the area there are pine forests, but they were severely damaged by fires in 2006.

The village was moved to its present location in 1930 after a devastating earthquake. It was probably founded in the late 16th century. Throughout the Ottoman domination, it was one of the twelve villages on the peninsula, and it was a bastion of the Gaganpur Aga. According to tradition, its name is due to the first inhabitant of the village, who settled in the south of the present settlement (Old Village). This is alleged to have been from Chania and so the settlement was named Haniotis. In another version, the area owes its name to a Haniotis, that is, a Hanitzis that retained a inn (inn) in the area. So the area was called Hanioti.

One of its most beautiful settlements is “Ammoudes”. It is an area of ​​Haniotis, towards the West side. The area has beautiful beaches with activities as well as many bars of entertainment! The settlement today counts 25 years of existence. It is divided into two parts, one opposite the other. In the settlement there is a lot of greenery, with various plants, flowers and mostly trees.

A cosmopolitan tourist center, Haniotis is built in a beautiful location in the eastern part of the peninsula of Kassandra. The extensive pedestrian streets, green areas and the endless sandy beach attract a large number of holidaymakers. The village is full of small parks, scenic squares and tall old trees. The visitor can find restaurants, taverns, hotels, tourist accommodation and general infrastructure.