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Nikiti is a town and capital of the municipality of Sithonia. It is at a distance of 105km from

Location: Νικήτη, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Nikiti Beach


A bustling beach with a lot of land. Pure, turquoise waters extend all over the area. The beach of

Location: Παραλία Νικήτη, Ελλάδα

Lagomandra Beach


Lagomandra Beach is famous for its clean coastline, thick, brown sand and crystal clear yet deep

Location: Παραλία Λαγόμανδρα, Ελλάδα

Paradise Beach


A beautiful beach with fine sand, crystal clear waters and rocks. Suitable for families with

Location: Παραλία Παράδεισος, Παράδεισος, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Saint John Beach


One of the top and busiest options to visit in your summer escapes. It is located between the area

Location: Παραλία Αι Γιάννης, Σιθωνία, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Porto Carras Beach


A cosmopolitan beach near Neos Marmaras, which is controlled by the Porto Carras hotel facilities.

Location: Παραλία Πόρτο Καρράς, Σιθωνία, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Ampelos Beach


Ambelos beach is located near Toroni. Deserted beach, quiet, away from the eyes of passers-by. A

Location: Παραλία Άμπελος, Τορώνη, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Climataria Beach


It is one of the most enchanting beaches of Sykia. Sandy, quiet, with crystal clear waters. It has

Location: Παραλία Κληματαριά, Τορώνη, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Zografou Beach


Zografou beach is famous for its turquoise, shallow waters and for its clear sandy beach. The beach

Location: Βουρβουρού, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Sarti Beach


One of the largest beaches in Sithonia. Endless sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters. Beyond

Location: Παραλία Σάρτης, Ελλάδα