Traditional Settlement Taxiarchis


Less well-known but equally beautiful is the mountainous Chalkidiki, with the villages on the slopes of Holomontas. One of them, Taxiarchis, is built on two slopes, among four springs, and is known as the … village with the Christmas trees because of the dense fir trees surrounding it. Here you will drink local tsipouro at the “chorostati”, as it is called the square of the village, you will taste local products from the women’s cooperative, which you will not find anywhere else, and you will enjoy hiking, mountaineering or road trips in the surrounding area even to Arnaia, which is considered one of the most picturesque mountain routes in Greece. The village even knows agrotouristic development, and you can practice activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, etc.

In the 90’s, and especially after 2000, the Holomontas and Taxiarchis region are considered one of the most popular destinations of agrotourism and alternative tourism, as tourist activities are growing rapidly. The mountain pass of Holomontas (that is, the part of the old road Thessaloniki/Ouranoupoli from Palaiokastro – Taxiarchis to Arnaia) is registered on the most scenic routes of Greece. Along with other picturesque streets and paths of Holomontas, the visitor can enjoy the immense green landscape, the dense forest of a wide variety of trees, shrubs, aromatic plants, enchanting the unique view in every direction. Walk through the paths to see springs, streams, small waterfalls, enjoy the fresh mountain air and engage in a variety of activities (climbing, horseback riding, bicycle, archery, etc.). Taxiarchis has been characterized as remarkable, it attracts the visitor with its church, its museum and its preserved buildings, chapels, old mansions, narrow streets, taps (Tsipoutooura and Kato Pigadi), festivals and feasts. Let us wish the development is of a mild form with respect to the environment, the traditional activities of the inhabitants and the culture.