Traditional Settlement Parthenonas


Perfect on the slopes of Mount Itamos at 350 meters altitude, about 5 kilometers from Neos Marmaras, is the traditional settlement Parthenonas. About 500 inhabitants lived in the Parthenon, who abandoned the village in the 70’s to settle in Neos Marmaras, with the result that it completely deserted. A few years later, with the efforts of residents and visitors, restoration efforts began and until now all the houses of the village have been restored according to the traditional Macedonian architecture.

Many historical sources, mainly Byzantine, speak of a settlement at the foot of Mount Sithonia, the Parthenon since the 10th century AD. century. The village is also referred to as Parthenopolis as Parthenni or Parthenion. You always place it in Loggos, the peninsula of Sithonia, but its exact stigma is not determined. All modern scholars tend to accept the view that the old, the Byzantine Parthenon and the present, that of the Turkish occupation, are not in the same position. However, the ancient city of Parthenopol should have been near the present village. The rare architectural and residential composition of the Parthenon, which preserves the character of a village of the past century, attracts the look of every traveler.

Today the Parthenon, located at an altitude of 350m. north of Neos Marmaras, has been declared a preservable traditional settlement and is constantly restored, while retaining its traditional architecture. It is a unique excursion as the visitor can find there taverns, hostels, cafeterias as well as wonderful paths for walking tours or relax under the shadow of the big oak next to the old church of Saint Stefanos, which was the old social center of the village. In addition, the Parthenon Folklore Museum is now operating in the Parthenon Folk Art Museum, which is of particular interest to the visitor as it unfolds the tradition of the inhabitants, with the presentation of utensils, costumes and photographs from the beginning of the 20th century and earlier .