Old School Building of Kassandria


The old school building of Kassandria, Chalkidiki, is characterized as a work of art and as a historical monument, together with the surrounding area that is identical to the boundaries of its land. It is a remarkable building dating back to 1907, built by Metropolitan Irenaeus, in the designs of the architect X. Peyonidis. It is a stone-built building that develops on three levels, a basement, an elevated ground floor and a floor. Its planing is rectangular and part of the main face projects slightly outwards, thus emphasizing the central entrance of the building. The faces are organized by the rectangular apertures on the same vertical axes. The curved lintels consist of carved swirls. Also, rectangular carvings are made of window openings (window frames, doors and angles). The overhang of the roof cornice is stone and its cover is made of tiles. The building is surrounded by a spacious spacious courtyard and occupies a prominent position within the settlement.