Nikiti is a town and capital of the municipality of Sithonia. It is at a distance of 105km from Thessaloniki and 36km from the capital of the prefecture of Chalkidiki, Polygyros. The main occupation of the residents is tourism, olive oil production and beekeeping.

In the town there is a K.E.P operative as well as many other services of the municipality. In terms of educational institutions, in Nikiti, you will find an elementary school, a secondary school and a high school (TEE EPAL). There is also an ophthalmic surgeon near ELTA (Postal Office Service). In terms of culture , the Cultural Youth Club is active and goes by the name of “Sithon”.In the location of “Kastri”, a prehistoric settlement has been discovered.    

The name Nikiti comes from the land of Neakitos, a monk of Xenophontos Monastery from 1300, located in the area of ​​today’s Psalidas, shortly before the crossing to Marmaras.