Early Christian Basilica of St. George in Nikiti


The chapel of Ag. Georgiou is built on the middle aisle of a three-aisled Early Christian royal church of the 5th century AD, measuring 14×12,5 meters, which must be destroyed in the 6th century AD. along with the most important settlement of the time. The settlement began to appear in the Hellenistic years (3rd – 2nd century BC) and developed rapidly in the hills north of Ag. Georgiou. It seems to be a village of farmers and sailors. An inscription found in 1963 built in the chapel of Ag. Georgiou, gave us important information. According to her text, Heraclides and Manipus, the children of a Fanio, devoted something to Dioskouros and to Mantas, who listened to their appeal. The Early Christian basilica on which the chapel is built today, according to the findings of the 1971 excavation we see today, was a beautiful church, divided into three aisles, with three pairs of marble columns and a marble finely worked temple. Southeast of the temple stretched out the cemetery of the then settlement, from which were found two large, built, vaulted tombs. The excavations of 1979 revealed a Roman bath, which may have been used as a baptistery.