Dochiariou Cloister

Dochiariou Monastery is located between the monasteries of Xenophontos and Kostamonitou on Mount Athos. This monastery was originally built in the area of ​​Dafni by the subordinate of St. Athanasios , Efthymios Dochares, and is dedicated to Agios Nikolaos. Pirates, however, destroyed the monastery, but it was rebuilt in the present place where Doheiariou Cloister is.

After a miracle of the Holy Archangels, thanks to which a child was saved, the Monastery of Dochiarios is celebrated in the Holy Archangels, November 8th.

In  Doichiarion cloister there is the miraculous icon of  Virgin Mary of Georgopigikos. It is a fresco and is located outside the “Trapeza” in a special chapel. Everyday a certain monk prays to Virgin Mary to help the Christians.

The Catholic of the Monastery is high. It was painted by Tzortzis in 1568. The iconostasis and the cubicle are  wood-carved, rich in shapes and floral decoration, are considered to be the most beautiful of Mount Athos.

In the monastery there are 10 chapels. The library has more than 400 manuscripts and 1,500 books.