Dionisiou is a village in the municipality of Propontida of the prefecture of Chalkidiki. The residents are mainly engaged in tourism and agriculture. Dionisiou Beach has the appropriate infrastructure and attracts many visitors to its coasts on a yearly basis.

The inhabitants originated from the Tsanakale of Asia Minor, from where they came as refugees. It took its name from the buildings that existed in the area and belonged to the Holy Monastery of Dionysios of Mount Athos. Since ancient times the first inhabitants have been pioneering with the cultivation of flowers and vegetables in greenhouses. In 1974 (or, according to other sources, in 1964), many of the residents settled on the beach and founded the settlement of Dionisiou Beach, which has a modern layout.

If you are on the beach of Dionisiou in August, and specifically on August 5th and 6th, you will enjoy the local feast organized by the Association of Rooms for Rent. You will have the chance to see dance groups, drink retsina and taste traditional local dishes. Also, if you have children who like cycling, then there is no better time to visit Dionisiou Beach from 23 to 25 July, when there are bicycle races organized for children aged 5 to 15.

The unique and fully equipped sports center located in Dionisiou  Beach is the “jewel” of the area. It operates throughout the summer and is open to all guests. The sports center includes a swimming pool, a tennis court, basketball and football. There is also a go cart circuit in the area.