Churches and Chapels of Galatista


If there is something abundant in Galatista, there are many churches and chapels. Many of these perform special functions during the nominal feast of the Saint, but also weddings and baptisms. The two parishes that exist today in Galatista are Panagia and Agios Georgios or else the “scaffolds” and “masses” that made two different camels in the respective custom.

The large number of churches are the result of both the intense religious feelings of the Galatians and the need to protect their properties during the period of Ottoman rule, where six parishes were operating! It is well known that the Greeks gave their fortune to the foundations of the Orthodox churches in order not to end up looting from the conquerors. At that time Galatista was the seat of the metropolis called “Metropolis of Ardameri and Galatist”. Later, after 1936, it was renamed “Metropolis of Ierissos, Ardameri and Mount Athos” and the seat was transferred to Arnea of ​​Chalkidiki.


  • Agios Nikolaos (~ 1800)
  • Virgin Mary (~ 1800)
  • Agios Prodromos (~ 1800)
  • Agios Dimitrios (1813, repaired 1832)
  • Agia Paraskevi (1815)
  • Agios Georgios (1816 from Ignatius, repaired in 1895. It is also dedicated to Agios Charalambos


  • Agia Paraskevi (1869, Agia Parasipi feast, July 26)
  • Agioi Anargyroi (1884, Feast of Saint Anargyroi, July 1)
  • Old Holy Trinity (1915, dako district)
  • Prophet Elias (1941)
  • Agia Triada (within village)
  • Agia Kyriaki (white poppy area)
  • Agios Georgios (Saint George feast, April 23)


  • The Monastery of Agios Nikolaos (the martyrdom of M. Vlatadon) is not saved