Cave of Saint Efthimios


The village of Vrastama is located at the foot of Holomontas and administratively belongs to the homonymous municipal district of the municipality of Polygyros and at a distance of about 11 kilometers from it. An important point of the area is the cave of Saint Efthimios of Neos at Mikrokampos near the riverbed that flows from Taxiarchis to the river of Ormylia. For access to the natural cave, the visitor needs to follow a walking route that starts from the village of Vastama and passes through a beautiful landscape with ravines, waterfalls and lush vegetation. In this cave must be practiced the disciple of Saint Efthimios, Joseph. A little above there are ruins that probably belong to the cells of the students of Saint Efthimios, who organized a remarkable lonely community when it arrived in the area in 868. Today, the memory of Osios is honored on 14 October each year.