Archaeological Museum of Polygyros


The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros, located on a pine-covered plot in the center of the capital of Halkidiki, began to be constructed in 1965 and was inaugurated in May 1971. Its exhibition grounds included initially a room where archaeological finds from the excavations in Olynthos, the ancient Acantho in Ierissos, the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea and other important ancientlocations of Halkidiki.

The increase and importance of the archaeological finds, in the years that followed, required the extension of the Museum’s exhibition in other areas and led the competent Ephorate of Antiquities to submit a request for extension of the Museum. In June 2005, the final study of the project “Expansion of the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros”, which was included in the Operational Program “Macedonia – Thrace” of the NSRF 2007-2013, was approved by the CAC.

The new building of the Museum, which took place in October 2016, includes 582 square meters of exhibition space, a periodical showroom, a training room room, a workshop for maintenance offices and offices, a storage area and a refreshment room. The re-exhibition of archaeological material will be the work of the NSRF 2014-2020. Until the start of the re-exhibition, the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros will host periodic exhibitions and other high-profile, interest and aesthetic activities.

Polygyros, 63100

Tel.: +30 23710 22148