Fourka is a municipal department of the municipality of Kassandra in the prefecture of Chalkidiki in northern Greece. Fourka is a settlement in the traditional village (Fourka) and the seaside settlement (Skala Fourka). The two settlements are 3.0 km away. The rapid housing development in recent years has made Skala Fourka a popular destination in Chalkidiki. The festival of Agia Marina is the biggest festival on the peninsula of Kassandra and is organized every year by the Cultural Association of Fourka on 16 July.

It was probably founded in the 16th century by the merging of smaller settlements. Throughout the Ottoman domination, it was one of the twelve villages on the peninsula, and it was a basil of the Gazaan. The inhabitants of Fortress participated in the revolution of 1821. The great fighters of the revolution of 1821 were Georgios Rigas and Georgios Filipopoulos who took part in many battles in southern Greece.

Skala Fourka or Fourka Beach is the port of Fourka and consists mainly of residential complexes and tourist facilities. Historic buildings exist on the beach, including old fishermen’s huts and a historic warehouse. A rare mill is preserved, where pine bark was ground to produce dust that was used for the dyeing of fishing nets. As the nets were made of cotton, this treatment made them resistant, so fishermen from many regions to the Sporades came to Skala Fourka. Also, near the coast have been found archaeologically valuable buildings.