Sozopoli is a seaside settlement that belongs to the Municipal District of Nea Sillata of the Municipality of Nea Propontida along with Rodokipos and Nea Silata. Its inhabitants are engaged in tourism as it has endless beaches with clean waters, picturesque fish taverns, bars, cafes, park with kiosks, playgrounds, sports facilities and everything else that a local holidaymaker or tourist needs.

The inhabitants who created Sozopol were mainly Thracian refugees from Sozopol in Northern Thrace (Eastern Rumelia in today’s Bulgaria), as well as from other ancient Hellenic foothills of the Western Black Sea, such as Anchialos and the Tower of Eastern Rumelia. The Sozopol of the Black Sea was the transformation of Apollonia, a hilly colony of the Milies-Ionians of the 7th c. BC, which in its long history became a metropolitan center of Hellenism on the coast of Northern Thrace.

On the coastal road we find the Byzantine Settlement of Veria, which is a seaport of the Municipal District of Silata. To the left of the road dominates the famous “Toumba” with the ruins of an ancient settlement, where the seat of the Bishop “Kassandrias and Vryon”. From the hill upwards, going down sharply in SW. the visitor can see the endless beach of Vergia, with its crystal clear waters and its bars.