Possidi is located after Fourka, at the southwestern tip of the peninsula of Kassandra, at a prominence in the Thermaikos Gulf, where there is the homonymous cape, in the area of ​​the settlement of Kalandra, which is a seaport. It is mentioned in antiquity as a settlement of ancient Chalkidiki. Today, the village is better known as a holiday village, as there is intense tourist traffic with many country houses, hotels, villas and camping sites

The temple was an ancient temple in honor of Neptune. The temple itself extends to other rooms during the Archaic and Classical era. In the wider area of ​​Posidio, one of the most important ancient cities of the peninsula, Mendi, was located.

Systematic archaeological research was carried out between 1986 and 1994. The main archaeological site covers an area of ​​1,200 across 600 meters, located at “Plato” or “Xefotos”, where a fortification section and stretched buildings with houses and streets dating back to the 9th as well as in the 4th century BC, as on the fringes of the pine-covered hill called “Vigla”, where there is an acropolis with fortification enclosure and storage pits. Archaeological excavations at the “Plato” site revealed moving finds dating from the 9th to the 4th century BC.

The famous spot of interest in Possidi is the cape, a narrow, indented strip of land that enters deep into the Thermaic Gulf, and for this reason there is also the Lighthouse built in 1864 during the Ottoman period by the French Lighthouse Company.

Possidi has three beaches, two of which are organized. The longest in width and width, but also the most popular among the general public is the “Aegean Sea” beach, which extends to the right of the cape. It is sandy with characteristic blue waters. The second is the beach in front of the holiday settlement of Posidio and is organized by the beach bars and seaside hotels. The third, less well-known beach is the “Mytis” beach, in front of the Cape Lighthouse. It is a natural phenomenon of sand deposition on the cape and is of unique beauty.