Paliouri is a beautiful traditional village south of Pefkohori and belongs to the Municipality of Kassandra in the Prefecture of Chalkidiki. The name of the present village is due to the old-timbered shrubs used for the fencing of the houses.

In today’s Paliouri it is believed that there was an ancient city called Thrambos, which Herodotus mentions. On the peninsula and in the bay of Agios Nikolaos, archaeological finds have been found that certify that the city existed. Near the present village and specifically in the mountainous location “Koutoni” were found, based on the surface pottery, the remains of a Roman settlement, which administratively belonged to the Roman colony of Kassandria. Throughout the Ottoman domination, it was one of the twelve villages on the peninsula, and it was a bastion of the Gaganpur Aga. The inhabitants of Paliouri participated in the Revolution of 1821 such as the priest Nicholas Triantafyllou, John Alexander and others.

The village is not seaside because it is built among pine trees, but in a short distance there is the beautiful beach of Chrouso with a marvelous sandy beach and a harbor for fishing and excursion boats. The area between Chrouso beach and Glarokavos stands out for its splendid relief – dense pine forest, lacy beaches and scenic beaches (Golden Beach and Alonaki).