Nea Flogita

LocationNea Flogita

Nea Flogita, which belongs to the prefecture of Chalkidiki, is 52 km away from Thessaloniki and 6 km from Nea Moudania. This seaside large settlement, which belongs to the Municipality of Nea Propontida, is built amphitheatrically, on a hill just a few meters from the sea, overlooking the Thermaic.

The story of Flogita begins from the Asia Minor catastrophe. In 1923, refugees from Flogita or Floita (now called Suvermez) from Cappadocia, Asia Minor, gathered and founded New Flogita.

Its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and in recent years tourism has an important role to play in increasing their income. An important tourist destination, gathering thousands of visitors during the summer holidays. The organized sandy beach decorated with 600 palm trees and the sea is one of the most beautiful and clean of the Prefecture and has been awarded a Blue Flag.