Krini is a beautiful, traditional village on the northern side of Chalkidiki, at the foot of Mount Katsika, at an altitude of 150 meters, with about 450 inhabitants and a short distance from the sea. It is administratively owned by the Municipality of New Propontis.

Krini is the oldest and the only local Municipal District of the Municipality, maintaining until today the almost unchanged local element dating from the Byzantine years. Krini is characterized as a semi-mountainous area and the main activities of the inhabitants are agriculture oriented towards dry crops – mainly grain – and livestock farming as a rule of sheep and goats.

The natural beauties of Krini include the peak of Mount Katsikas. The celebrations of Saint Christopher on May 9 and the Assumption of the Virgin on August 15 are the most important religious events, while the celebrations are celebrated with the participation of traditional dancing groups, rich food and various cultural events. Southwest of the village is the church of St. George (18th century), built in ruins of an earlier church, with frescoes. Until 1873 it was a Turkish landlord. In 1997, a Folklore Museum was established at the initiative of the Cultural Association, and in it are displayed the tools and objects that Kriniots used during the past years.